Feetures! performance socks and Soles4Souls have joined forces to bring shoes and socks to victims of the earthquake in Haiti. Feetures! is donating 10,000 new pairs of socks to this effort.

“We are a family owned and operated company,” said Hugh Gaither,
president of the Feetures! brand. “We hope in some small way this
donation will bring some comfort to lots of Haitian families.”      
“Being reminded of how fragile our world is, and seeing the devastation that has affected so many, makes it evident that our continued partnership with charities like Soles4Souls is more relevant than ever,” said Gaither.

Soles4Souls has partnered with other organizations on the ground in Haiti to transport and distribute the aid. More than 100,000 pairs of shoes, including work boots, rain boots, childrens athletic shoes and clothing items, have already been distributed in Haiti.

“As we struggle to comprehend the magnitude of this disaster, we cannot forget how important basic necessities such as shoes and socks will be in the ongoing rescue and rebuilding efforts,” said Wayne Elsey, Founder and CEO of Soles4Souls. “We deeply appreciate the support of the  Feetures! brand in helping us provide socks to survivors and volunteers as they work in horrific conditions.”