Sock manufacturer Farm to Feet is the official sock of the SwimRun North Carolina event in Hanging Rock, NC on October 30. Swimrun is an endurance race format that alternates between swimming and running.

“SwimRun NC is one of the first swimrun events in the country, and to have it in our backyard is something special,” said David Petri, Farm to Feet VP marketing.

Farm to Feet will provide each participant with a pair of its made-in-the-USA socks.

The SwimRun format includes teams of two athletes who have to be within 10 meters of each other at all time. The courses vary in length, as do the distances of the overland and swim legs. SwimRun North Carolina will run throughout Hanging Rock State Park, with the swim legs taking place in the park’s lake or on the Dan River.

Along with staying within 10 meters of each other at all times, the competitors have a number of mandatory and optional gear they must carry with them throughout the event. Athletes can use swim aids, such as fins or hand paddles, but must carry them at all times.

Additional information about SwimRun North Carolina and the swimrun concept can be found here.