The annual FabricLink Network Top 10 Textile Innovation Awards are presented annually as recognition to those organizations and product developers who pursue their ideas and strive for excellence in their textile advancements.

Each year, the FabricLink Network’s Top 10 Innovation Awards acknowledge new textile products and technologies that showcase outstanding developments that have been officially launched over the past year and are commercially available. Here are the honorees for 2018/19.

  1. Celliant‘s venture into the home furnishings upholstery market with two partners, Designtex and Stinson Studio, have developed health and wellness textile collections that create energy-responsive technologies for improved circulation, performance, and recovery while sitting;
  2. Corsair’s Feam Technology creates an impact energy absorbing material for use in sports and military helmets, protection padding, and armor vests;
  3. Ecco Leather’s DriTan leather tanning process saves large amounts of water and minimizes the use of chemicals;
  4. Bolt Thread’s Mylo, a sustainable plant-based leather grown from mycelium;
  5. Nomex Comfort, the lightest weight flame-resistant personal protection fabric;
  6. Nullarbor Fibre, a tree-free rayon fiber sourced from organic liquid waste;
  7. Columbia Sportswear’s Omni-Heat 3D, a reflective insulation technology that pairs a breathable fabric with the reflective heat-retaining warmth of a space blanket;
  8. Recycrom, a patented and sustainable range of synthetic dyestuff powders recycled from textile cotton waste scraps;
  9. Teijin Frontier’s New Linen-like Polyester Fiber captures the natural resilience and luster of 100-percent linen in an easy-care functional fabric; and
  10. Vector Textiles’ Pro-Tex fabric that provides a protective solution for people who live and work in areas where mosquitos and mosquito-borne illnesses like the Zika virus exist.

Photo courtesy Columbia Sportswear