The Giant Group saw its sales decline accelerate in May as the Taiwan-based bike manufacturer reported a 7.1 percent year-over-year decline for the month to NT$7.2 million. The decline was still far smaller than the 13.6 percent average decline for the year-to-date period. The decline for the month was on top of a 3.4 percent decline in May 2023, when sales were NT$ 7.7 million.

January 2024 sales were down 17.7 percent, February sales were down 27.2 percent, and March sales declined 12.4 percent, resulting in first-quarter results that were down 20.3 percent to NT$16.06 billion. April sales were down just 1.75 percent year-over-year, the best performance in a year. Sales fell 16.4 percent for the full year 2023.

The Giant Group reports financials in the New Taiwan Dollar (NT$).