Seattle-based action sports, lifestyle, and outdoor retailer Evo announced a strategic partnership with Loge Co., a brand offering camping and lodging destinations catering to surfers, hikers, and outdoor enthusiasts with a first location in the coastal community of Westport, WA.

In exchange for an equity stake in Loge, Evo will provide business mentorship, administrative assistance, financial flexibility, and real estate development support.

At the core of the Evo business lies the mission to weave people, organizations, passions, and causes together to build community and offer enriching experiences. The partnership with Loge furthers that mission by connecting Evo customers with unique outdoor experiences.

Loge and Evo have been working together since the Westport location launched three months ago, with Evo providing surf demo and rental services onsite to help outfit customers for the water. Loge will continue to operate independently, but now has access to Evo’s marketing, finance, e-commerce, HR, accounting, and business development resources moving forward. The two companies will further integrate their offerings as Loge looks to expand into new properties and as Evo continues to build out the EvoTrip adventure travel program.

“The timing of this partnership couldn’t be better,” said Loge founder and CEO Johannes Ariens. “We surpassed all our performance projections for our first quarter and have greatly accelerated our future growth plans. With Evo by our side offering mentorship, financial flexibility and administrative assistance, not to mention some epic collaborations, we can move confidently into our next chapter as a stronger and more sustainable company quickly forging out its position within the outdoor active lifestyle market.”

“Loge is the perfect partner for Evo. We share core values, are both focused on building community, have a love for being outside, and want to have a positive impact,” said Evo founder and CEO Bryce Phillips. “Every successful business partnership is built on strong relationships. Loge partners Johannes Ariens and Cale Genebacher are rock solid individuals: driven and inspired to build a great business with a focus on making lives better. We feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to leverage Evo to help drive Loge forward with this partnership.”