Everlast Worldwide Inc. has signed a worldwide license agreement with Michelin Lifestyle Limited (MLL) to create a new line of professional boxing footwear using patented tread technology inspired by the Michelin HydroEdge tire.
The boxing footwear line will launch in spring 2008 at sporting good retailers and online retailers worldwide.

Everlast said the outsole of the footwear features a high-tech rubber compound and sculpture specifically tailored to channel liquid away from the shoe giving professional boxers optimum traction, strength and durability during training and competition. This versatile HydroEdge® technology will therefore help to prevent slippage due to excess paint, sweat, and other substances that create a wet plane on the canvases of boxing rings and other smooth surfaces used for fitness training.

According to Everlast's Chairman, President and CEO, Seth Horowitz, “As a leader in the sports equipment industry, our goal is to continually enhance our brand and ensure consumer satisfaction through new innovative product development. The inclusion of Michelin's advanced sole technology is a perfect example of Everlast's commitment to reaffirming our position as the premiere company in the boxing performance footwear category.”

“Michelin shares Everlast's passion for technical innovation and performance,” said Daniela Gould, head of marketing at Michelin Lifestyle Limited. “The Michelin brand offers a level of recognition for quality, technology and performance that allows for the development of products like the new Everlast professional boxing footwear that will differentiate it from the competition. “