Everlast Worldwide introduced their first fitness certification program, the Everlast F.I.T Coach Certification. The goal of the certification is to provide instruction on how to incorporate fight sports based exercises into a total body fitness curriculum that provides well-structured, high-intensity circuits.
Engineered by Fitness Solutions LLC, this one day, 10 hour, certification will teach the fundamentals of strike-based conditioning and how to properly integrate this modality into functional fitness training. Material covered during the certification program includes upper and lower body striking techniques, heavy rope exercises, and resistance/body weight training. This certification program will be the first level in a series of certification training programs that will debut later this year.
“Fight sports athletes have long been noted for their supreme level of fitness. The objective of this certification is to educate fitness professionals on how to use the principles of fight sports to further their understanding of functional integrated training. With this certification, trainers and coaches will be able to introduce the program material to their clients in both a personal and small group training setting,” says Neil Morton, CEO of Everlast.
“We are very excited to announce the introduction of the Everlast F.I.T Coach Certification program,” says program creator and President of Fitness Solutions, Scott Ramsdell. “Having seen the opportunity to educate the fitness community about fight sports training, we are focusing on attributes such as injury prevention, core strength, hip mobility, striking proficiency, speed, quickness and total body conditioning, making this certification all-encompassing for the fitness professional and team sport athletes.”
The certification package includes an Everlast F.I.T Coach Level 1 Certification, training manual and sample program packet, along with a pair of Everlast training gloves, a jump rope and gym bag.
The inaugural certification program will take place at the Everlast Lab on July 19th. The Everlast Lab is located at 358 Newark Street in Hoboken, New Jersey. Future dates and locations include Longview, TX on September 28th, New York City on October 5th, Minneapolis, MN on November 9th, and Redondo Beach, CA on December 7th.
For more information, and to sign up for a F.I.T certification program, visit