Everlast Worldwide Inc. has signed another licensing agreement with Sparta Ltd., a sporting goods and apparel manufacturer and distributor based in St. Petersburg, Russia. Sparta will expand its Everlast products to include men's, women's, and children's apparel, in addition to its current line of retail boxing equipment.

The Everlast line of apparel produced by Sparta will be distributed throughout Russia and sold through the same sporting goods outlets and better department stores that sell the Everlast boxing equipment.

George Q Horowitz, chairman and CEO of Everlast Worldwide Inc., remarked, “This additional agreement with Sparta is a natural expansion for Everlast given the success that Sparta has enjoyed to date with retail boxing equipment. In the short six months that Sparta has been a licensee for boxing equipment in Russia, customers have quickly come to appreciate what the Everlast brand stands for — quality and durability. Given the interest in Western culture, we believe that Sparta's Everlast apparel products will be very well received by Russian consumers.”

Konstantin Jung, managing director of Sparta Ltd., said, “We are proud to represent such a renowned brand like Everlast and to have the opportunity to grow the brand in Russia. If the demand for our Everlast equipment in the last few months is any indication, our Everlast apparel will be a success as well.”

Mr. Horowitz concluded, “Our efforts in expanding internationally are reinforced by the growing demand for Everlast products in yet another budding global region. We will continue to position Everlast in strategic parts of the world to heighten brand awareness and to capitalize on growth opportunities.”