Cortney McDermott, corporate social responsibility and sustainability manager for The North Face in EMEA, has been re-elected chair of the steering group for the Sustainability Group of the European Outdoor Group.


“During 2010 the Steering Group and the various committees working under our guidance will start bringing sustainable solutions to the industry that can be utilised by small and large companies alike,” McDermott said. “This is a fantastic collaborative industry initiative and we encourage more companies and individuals to become involved.”

At a vote just prior to Christmas, the Steering Group also voted to retain Anne Girard of Petzl as vice chair and replace vice chair Kilian Hochrein with Saskia Preenen from Salomon. Hochrein will continue as chair of the Standards and Regulations Committee, a sub committee of the Sustainability Working Group and will now be able to concentrate on the progression of the work being undertaken in the area of standards, regulations and labels.

Preenen brings different skills to the position of vice chair, including a global overview of the product creation process and project management experience to bring real time solutions.


The work of the SWG is NOT exclusive to members of the European Outdoor Group. It is operating on an open source basis and welcomes involvement from all areas of the value chain.