Elevator Group, a strategic and creative agency known for launching brands and product lines. and True North Brand Group Inc., specializing in launching products, brand awareness and measurement, are merging to form Elevator North.

Operating out of a waterfront office in Hingham, MA, Elevator North helps brands develop, launch and execute a wide range of marketing initiatives that speak to a performance-driven, active consumer base.

The two agencies bring cumulative experience that includes marketing and awareness for a wide range of outdoor brands including the likes of Völkl Skis, Marker, OOFOS, Muck Boots, XtraTuff, Kombi, Tubbs Snowshoes, Khombu, Nalgene, SIGG, Cauldryn and Dalbello ski boots to name just a few.

“After realizing two heads are much better than one, I am joining colleague Mark Tedeschi in a new venture called Elevator North,” said Mark Richardson, co-founder of Elevator North. “Mark and I share long track records in outdoor products, footwear, apparel and technology,” said Richardson. “Our styles and approach are the same, but our skillsets are very different and complementary. Mark Tedeschi will continue his focus on brand strategy, media relations and public relations. I will manage planning and creative services, and we will combine our efforts on social media and content creation.”

“This is an industry that is near and dear to our hearts,” said Tedeschi. “We’re passionate about the outdoor, active and snow sports business and understand what resonates when speaking to this performance driven audience. This merger allows us to help new brands and their products rise above the noise and get traction for long term success. It also gives us greater control over the entire creative, marketing and branding process, as we can now build a marketing platform in house from the ground up,” said Tedeschi.

Elevator North offers a suite of services to outdoor brands that includes creative, social media strategy and execution, brand awareness, trade show management, public relations and measurement.