Echelon Fitness is growing its global presence, officially launching Echelon Fit France and Echelon Fit Germany this month. The experience in both France and Germany will follow the U.S. model, with live and on-demand programming from studios in each respective country.

The Echelon Fitness model and portfolio includes connected bikes, treadmills, rowers, and mirrors. The classes are filmed live and on-demand in the native language of each country and available worldwide on the Echelon Fit app for all French and German-speaking people in the U.S. and worldwide.

“As a brand, our focus has been and continues to be, accessibility to connected fitness for anybody. We offer the best reach of any connected fitness brand and anyone around the world is able to take advantage of our global content. Imagine family members who haven’t been able to see each other over the past year can join a class together from across the ocean. Or native French speakers based in Canada can access French-language content,” said Lou Lentine, president and CEO, Echelon Fitness.

“The variety of connected products Echelon Fit is offering now in Germany and France is novel and will redefine home-fitness with a community approach. We are very proud to grow the brand in Europe,” said Robin Broszio, managing partner Europe.

The expansion follows a recent $65 million investment announcement led by Goldman Sachs. The company said it has completed more than one million rides in December of 2020, more than the total number of rides in 2019.

Photo courtesy Echelon Fitness