EBay announced the launch of its Authenticity Guarantee service for trading cards.

Effective immediately, single ungraded trading cards, including collectible card games, sports and non-sports cards, sold for $750 or more in the U.S. will be authenticated. By mid-2022, eBay’s service will expand to include graded, autograph and patch cards sold for $250 or higher.

With the addition of trading cards to its Authenticity Guarantee service, the company now offers authentication in four key collector categories, including sneakers, watches, handbags, and trading cards.

“Our trading cards business has been growing for the past six years, and the recent surge speaks to the immense cultural significance of the category,” said Dawn Block, VP collectibles, electronics and home, eBay. “As hobbies turn into investments, authentication services in categories of high value have become a priority for collectors. With the introduction of Authenticity Guarantee for trading cards, we’re giving enthusiasts exactly what they want, while continuing to improve confidence in the marketplace.”

Photo courtesy eBay