Eagle Creek, a provider of luggage, travel bags and accessories, selected Trailhead Sales as 2016 Rep Agency of the Year.

The Trailhead Sales Team includes Principal Jeff Sheets, Associate Lisl Smith and Office Manager Melissa Wollny. The group directs sales in Southern California, Arizona and Southern Nevada. Trailhead Sales also represents outdoor brands Ex Officio, Farm to Feet, Adventure Medical Kits, Hydrapak and Gear Aid.

“Jeff and Lisl fought hard for the brand and stood out this year, going above and beyond and creating growth that far exceeded goals,” said Jeff Sermak, sales manager, specialty markets North America at Eagle Creek. “They supported new initiatives, and their accounts actually sought me out and thanked Eagle Creek for hiring an agency that supports the entire ecosystem of community, retail and Outdoor. Thank you, Jeff and Lisl for the hard work, passion and effort. Excellent individuals like you make this job fun.”

“Jeff believes in the brand more than just about anyone I’ve met in this industry,” said Tim McGuire, national sales director, Eagle Creek. “He believes it’s more than a job, that it’s something special to be part of the Eagle Creek team, and Jeff and Lisl go way beyond order taking, training and emails, to participating in their community, at their retailer events, and in the outdoor industry in general. We’re grateful to have them on our team.”

Jeff Sheets, principal at Trailhead Sales, said, “The Eagle Creek brand is an amazing bunch of people with integrity, enthusiasm and honesty. They understand what it is to be part of a team, working together toward a common goal. But let’s not kid ourselves, I wouldn’t be here without my amazing Trailhead team, which continues to evolve and grow beyond my expectations. Lisl and Melissa share equally in this, and for that I thank them very much.”

Trailhead was selected for its double-digit revenue growth, account and channel expansion, business acumen, planning/forecasting and pre-booking success. All aspects of brand building are considered for the award, including but not limited to: in-store presentation, staff training, assortment planning, relationship building, sales growth and developing new business opportunities. The Eagle Creek Rep of the Year award includes a trophy and trip to somewhere adventurous around the world.