Voters in Tennessee, Arkansas and South Carolina overwhelmingly approved amendments yesterday that will protect hunting and fishing as constitutional rights, according to a report by Ducks Unlimited.

In Tennessee, 90%  of voters supported the amendment, while similar measures received 89% and 82% of the vote in South Carolina and Arkansas, respectively. Voters in Arizona, the only other state with a similar amendment on the ballot, rejected the change.

“We are glad to see the voters of Tennessee, Arkansas and South Carolina voted in favor of these amendments, as they protect a very important piece of our nation's heritage,” DU CEO Dale Hall said. “Ducks Unlimited supported the passage of these amendments, and we hope that more states will adopt similar changes in the future.”

The 10 other states that have already adopted the amendment to protect hunting and fishing are Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Vermont, Virginia and Wisconsin.