Downlite, a major down and feather processor, announced it is expanding its RDS supply chain in both Europe and Asia on July 27, 2016.

RDS certification traces the down supply chain, ensuring companies that the down used in their products comes from ethically treated geese and ducks.

According to Chad Altbaier, VP and Business Development, Downlite, the monitoring of supply chain custody, traceability and responsible sourcing is necessary in the industry. Consumers are demanding transparency from the brands they are aligned with, and need to trust that these brands are not only using environmentally-friendly materials, but also following sustainable practices.

“Significant demand for our RDS-certified down in both the outdoor and home furnishings market provoked us to expand our RDS-certified supply chain in Europe and Asia,” said Altbaier. “This increased supply will assure our partners that they will have the option of manufacturing products made with 100% RDS-certified down.”

Nemo Equipment recently joined Berghaus in Downlite’s growing list of RDS-certified down partners. Altbaier said a number of additional outdoor and home furnishings brands are coming on board with Downlite RDS-certified down programs for FW17 and will be announced later this year.