SportsArt, a leader in sustainable gym equipment, conducted a 2016 survey that looked at consumer preferences toward eco-friendly gym equipment. The results found that 62.4 percent of consumers prefer to work out at a gym if it uses environmentally friendly equipment.

Other key findings show that 70 percent said they would prefer to be a member at a gym if it implemented incentive and discount programs for users who expended a certain amount of energy for electricity at the gym. Additionally, more than 63 percent of consumers claimed they would be more motivated to push themselves during gym workouts if the energy generated was converted into utility-grade electricity for the gym.

“Gyms need to look at additional ways to motivate their members to work out – incorporating sustainable solutions such as an incentive program can be highly successful in doing so,” said Ivo Grossi, vice president, SportsArt.

The survey analyzed data from 200 consumers aged 30 to 60 years, with an average household income higher than $50,000, who exercised five to eight times per month.

Photo courtesy SportsArt