Mountain Hardwear’s Ambassadors of Impact are part of a collective mission to inspire us to support solutions to help protect the outdoor places we love. 

Mountain Hardwear’s Impact Initiative formally kicked off on October 12—the same day Mountain Hardwear went live with its Omni-channel launch. The Impact Initiative is anchored on a dedicated page where you can learn about the program and see the ambassadors who have inspired Mountain Hardwear to action.

Highlighted in the video are Charles Post, Ecologist; Chris and Steve Boyes, Environmentalists and Biologists working to protect the largest water system in Africa, the Okavango Delta; Topher White, Physicist, rigging solar panels to cell phones and installing them in tree canopies in the rainforest to pinpoint the sound of chain saws, helping to stop deforestation; Vincent Colliard, Polar Explorer, on  a mission to cross the world’s 20 largest glaciers to raise awareness of the rapid decline of ice caps and the impact on the connected ecosystems; and Tashi and Nungshi Malik, twin mountaineers from India, who completed the Adventurers’ Grand Slam and skied to the North and South Pole to promote a message of gender equality.  Watch the video here or click below.

Over months and years to come, Mountain Hardwear will continue to seek out and shine a light on the stories of people who have dedicated their lives to making a difference in the world through environmental and humanitarian projects.

Share the measurable positive impact these ambassadors are having on the future health of our outdoors through social media channel. Mountain Hardwear hopes you will be inspired to support their efforts through philanthropic giving. Photos and video courtesy Mountain Hardwear.