Germany’s Schwan-Stabilo Group reported sales at its Outdoor Division, which includes Deuter and Ortovox, grew 13.5 percent in fiscal 2014.

Division sales reached €97.4 million ($132mm) in the fiscal year ending June 30, up from €85.8 million in the prior fiscal year. The performance contributed significantly to the overall performance at  Schwan-Stabilo, where sales increased 4.8 percent to  €559.2 million. The Group includes a Schwan/Cosmetic division and the Stabilo Division, which makes writing instruments.

For a consumer goods company, 5 percent growth is a great result. All departments have contributed to this healthy, solid growth, said Executive Shareholder Sebastian Schwanhäußer.

High lights for the year included several product awards, including  the Outdoor Industry Award 2013 for Deuter’s  Kid Comfort 3 Child Carrier and the Gold ISPO Award for Ortovox’s invention of the Pocket Spike pickaxe.

Deuter introduced the OnTop avalanche backpack, which offers both high safety and excellent wear comfort, and is thus setting trends in avalanche backpacks too. Ortovox successfully launched a new ski tour collection featuring wool and fresh colors that were particularly well received by the younger ski tour generation.

We expect growth above the market average in the coming year. Above all we have our unique clothing to thank for that, whose fan base is constantly growing, said Christian Schneidermeier, Managing Director and CEO of Ortovox.