Body Glove International announced that Jim Jr. Jenks has officially been named the Head Designer for the Body Glove Men¹s Boardshort line. Having developed Body Glove¹s revolutionary VAPOR boardshort, Jenks' return is invaluable to the design team and the success of the Body Glove men's line.
“Junior is a staple in the surfing and action sports apparel world, ” said Body Glove Vice President of Marketing Scott Daley,  his knowledge and expertise in the surf business is second to none and his homecoming is welcomed.
Jenks had this to say about his return, “I¹m stoked to be back, we got a lot started a few years back but the nice thing now is with the support of SGS, we can pick up where we left off and go even further.”
Jenks has big plans for the Spring 2011 Body Glove men's line.

“The biggest opportunity for this brand, besides going right after the core, is the cross over market,” said Jenks, “I want to build a boardshort for the guy who dives, the one who surfs, the one who wakeboards. I'm drawing inspiration from anything that has to do with a water based lifestyle.”