Vibram and Desall invite you to design a new line of backpacks, bags and other containers equipped for mobility, further developing the concept of flexibility of use, foldability and mechanical expansion in the second phase of the Vibram Luxury Rubber design competition. 

This is the second phase of the design competition where Vibram asks designers to research ideas and concepts for products using Vibram Luxury Rubber leatherette rubber sheet (pictured below).

Open to all, you are invited to design a new product branded by Vibram to be used for backpacks, bags and other containers for daily and/or performance use, further developing the concept by Antonino Ciuro, winner of  phase one, that addressed the use of a folding system inspired by origami, that enables the foldability and expansion of the Vibram Luxury Rubber leatherette which was applied, in that project, to a backpack (winning design pictured below).

In addition to a cash award, the winner of the second phase of the contest will receive a chance to develop their own product, taking part in a workshop to be held at the Vibram Technological Center in Guangzhou, China.

Winner announced before the end of December 2017. More information here.

Photos courtesy Vibram and Desall