DeltaTrainer has raised a $3.3 million round of seed funding led by TenOneTen Ventures, with participation from Alpha Edison, Maven, and other angel investors. Funds will be used to hire technical talent, expand the company’s roster of personal trainers and for marketing and customer acquisition.

DeltaTrainer provides one-on-one personal training virtually by tracking a user’s movements via Apple Watch motion analysis. The company uses machine learning to scale the capability of fitness experts, based on hundreds of proprietary automations that estimate strength, tailor workouts and interpret workout data. Each client is paired with a human trainer who provides individualized pacing and form feedback, motivation and personalized workouts that integrate the equipment that clients have and use at home.

“We founded DeltaTrainer to make one-to-one expert personal training truly accessible and affordable for anyone, particularly those people who have repeatedly tried and failed to reach their goals,” said Matt Spettel, founder and CEO, DeltaTrainer. “Personal training is the best way to get results, but it’s expensive and trainers often have limited time and resources. With DeltaTrainer, a real fitness expert holds clients accountable and makes goals easier to meet with custom workouts and nutrition plans, ongoing motivation, and constant contact, because your stats and your program are always on your wrist.”

The company claims that clients who use the DeltaTrainer program, which launched in early 2020, are four times more likely to reach their fitness goals than people working without a trainer, and the subscription is 10x cheaper than traditional personal training. Clients complete an average of 4.5 workouts per week, and DeltaTrainer’s fitness experts work to integrate any at-home programs that clients enjoy, like fitness bikes or mirrors, into their custom programs.

“DeltaTrainer is unique in that it offers an entirely customized fitness program with a dedicated expert, essentially using data to give trainers super-powers,” said David Waxman, partner, TenOneTen Ventures. “The human element keeps clients accountable and motivated, and the trainer’s ability to tailor programs based on what equipment is available makes DeltaTrainer accessible to anyone, no gym required.”

Photo courtesy Delta Trainer