DeFeet International — a leader in providing the best socks and apparel to pro cyclists, adventure racers and outdoor athletes — has teamed with venerable Faytex Corp. to develop the “DeBrief”. An amazingly comfortable and super-lite brief for men, the DeBrief is made of 100% Dri-Lex including the Dri-Elastic waste band — a proven moisture management fiber known for its stupefying control over perspiration.

Developed for ultra-performance in the pro cycling world, the DeBrief is perfect for the “everyday” athlete for running, hiking and workouts, as it keeps perspiration from collecting on skin surface and has form-fitting stretch. These features make DeBrief ideal for travel wear as well.Talk about traveling light…Dri-Lex is an anti-odor, anti-bacterial fiber that dries super fast. A quick hand-washing in the hotel sink that night, and you wake up to fresh undies ready for action in the morning.

Faytex is a global leader in performance fabrics for the footwear industry — and with the help of companies like DeFeet — is spreading its Dri-Lex® moisture management magic into products that will enable other bodily parts to enjoy it. There's a reason that Dri-Lex has satisfied millions of feet during its 17 years on earth…It really, really works! Many products on the market claim to have moisture management properties, but they are “Static Moisture Managers”. Dri-Lex is a “Dynamic Moisture Manager” working as two-linings-in-one to create a unique “push-pull” of perspiration.

“In a marketplace where so many companies claim things that they don't even believe themselves, we have to be out there testing products every week,” says VP Paul Willerton. “We're athletes at DeFeet. We use Dri-Lex because we can feel it working. It's not smoke and mirrors.”
Future plans include adding socks and additional tops with Dri-Lex. DeFeet currently uses Dri-Lex in their wildly successful Un-D-Lite base layer tops.

“From pro cyclist to world-class sailing crews it's the underwear of choice. That's quite a testament knowing these guys can wear anything they want. This stuff has proven itself while cycling the hardest mountain ranges in the world or taking on sea conditions sailing transatlantic”, says Willerton. “That being said, we like its appeal to 'driven soles' in other walks of outdoor life as well.”