DeFeet is launching a new line of ski and snowboard socks,
which will debut at Winter OR. New to the company¹s line of ski socks are the Talon and the Fre. DeFeet also introduces its first snowboard sock, the Orbit.

Made with CoolMax, the Talon is a thin sock throughout and designed for
boots that are very close fitting. This sock incorporates features that
World Champion skier Bode Miller has further refined in DeFeet¹s ski socks.

The Fre was created with the freeskier in mind. Made from Merino Wool, the
Fre has thin, dense padding everywhere but the heelcup. This allows for
optimum comfort and cushion in a wide variety of more comfortable boot
fittings, while helping keep the heel as deep in the heelcup as possible.

The popular Ski-D sock will remain in DeFeet¹s line for the customer¹s that
have grown attached to the silhouette. The Ski-D will be available only
through the company¹s Custom Shop in either all-CoolMax or all-Wool

DeFeet enters a new category with the launch of the Orbit. Designed
specifically for snowboarders, this sock is made from Merino Wool through
the whole foot and up the front of the calf. The calf back is made with a
special proprietary twisted yarn that is dense, durable, and breathable. The
whole sock is padded with the exception of DeFeet¹s Aireator ribs over
the foot top. The result is a snowboard sock of extraordinary value, made
for snowboarders that want the very best sock.