Decibullz, maker of custom thermofitted earplugs and earphones, partnered with Backbone Media on public relations efforts. Backbone will work to amplify Decibullz’s presence in the shooting, hunting, fitness and active lifestyle markets.

“Backbone was a natural fit for us,” said Kyle Kirkpatrick, CEO, Decibullz. “Their experience with top-tier, outdoor brands, and specific knowledge of our core markets, made Backbone the perfect partner.”

Kirkpatrick founded Decibullz in 2012 to create earbuds that fit better during activities like running, snowboarding or biking. Kirkpatrick developed a thermoplastic earpiece that softens in hot water, enabling users to mold an earpiece to their ears’ unique shape.

“Decibullz has rapidly become a fan favorite among shooting enthusiasts, offering an affordable custom solution,” said Nate Simmons, managing partner at Backbone Media. “We were brought on to drive the January launch of a new technology for this market and expand visibility for the brand with active electronics and smartphone consumers.”

Photo courtesy Decibullz