Camber Outdoors Executive Director on how to make each day count.

By Jahla Seppanen

dbuck_500x500Deanne Buck, executive director for Camber Outdoors, an organization that seeks to diversify the outdoor industry through female promotion, mentorship, recognition and empowerment, has helped seal the support of nearly 300 top industry brands that back the Camber mission. Buck has been with the group (formerly the Outdoor Industries Women’s Coalition) for more than four-and-a-half years. It seems the self-proclaimed long-term lover of the outdoors has found her perch; however, the path leading to Camber has been anything but straight.

Getting her start in the business after graduating law school and passing the bar exam, Buck made $10 an hour as a marketing specialist at a local outdoor trade show. “I did not know that would be the smartest career move of my life,” she said. Her love for the outdoors would develop into conservation work at the Access Fund and American Alpine club, before joining Camber and entering the class of industry leaders who got their start on the ground floor. How did she do it? Here are her five golden rules for success in life and business.

  1. 10 push-ups a day. This means 3,650 push-ups a year. If I miss a day, I just do 10 push-ups the next day; no more, no less. Show up, focus, forgive and finish.
  1. In order for a rising tide to lift all boats, everyone must have a boat.
  1. Be the person your dog thinks you are. A good dog day includes miles of running with a good friend, a nap, enthusiastically meeting new friends, unscheduled and unexpected playtime, another nap, and raw fish. I can’t think of a better day myself. . . except for a little wine.

  1. “Great is the human who has not lost her childlike heart.” –Mencius
  1. Remember that when you are preaching to the choir, the choir leads the sing-along.


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Photos courtesy Camber Outdoors