Triumph Apparel Corp, formerly Danskin Inc., will shut down its manufacturing plant and distribution center in York, PA, affecting 226 jobs. In a statement, Triumph Apparel said it had tried but
failed to find an investor or partner that could provide financial
backing and was unable to obtain credit needed to save the operation.

“The company regrets that in this economic environment it cannot be
competitive operating facilities designed for another era. The company
does not have the resources to modernize the facilities to be
competitive and is exploring with the cooperation of its financing
sources alternative sources for production,” the company stated in a
news release.

The company employs 168 at the manufacturing plant and 58 at the distribution center. The plant is located at 305 State St. and its distribution center at
4075 Market St.

The first of the
layoffs will occur Feb. 25, the company said.