CW-X announced a series of marketing efforts for 2010, including appearances at expos, running team sponsorships, and print ad campaigns.
CW-X said in the near future will appear at expos for the Boston Marathon (April 19), the MORE/Fitness Marathon in New York (April 25), the Chicago Marathon (October 10), Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, D.C. (October 31), New York Marathon (November 7), and the Disney Marathon (January 9, 2011). The brand is also a supporting member of the Independent Running Retailers Association (IRRA).

CW-X running banner ads will appear on, and from April through from April through October – an expected reach of over 5 million runners. CW-X running print ads appear in Runner’s World eight months in 2010, as well as Fitness and Shape for another six. Additionally, there are CW-X running ads in several regional running and race publications.

CW-X also sponsors the U.S. Mountain Running Team, the Fire Department of New York Track Club, and myriad individual runners who compete in and hold world records in everything from ultra distance races to track sprints.

“We launched the brand in the running category in late 2002 – it’s how most people heard of us,” said John L.A. Wilson, president and COO of the Wacoal Sports Science Corp. “”Our marketing emphasis on the running category makes sense for us strategically, and besides, most of here at the company are runners, some of whom have competed at the national and international level. The word must be getting out about the brand – were seeing more and more CW-X pass by as we monitor various races.”