Currie Technologies has relocated its IZIP concept retail store from Venice Beach to Santa Monica, CA. It is now located at 2803 Main Street, Santa Monica, CA, a popular shopping, dining and pedestrian destination for locals and tourists. The store opened its doors July 14 and has invited its customers, friends, and California bicycle and E-bike Dealers to its Grand Opening Reception on July 26, 2012 from 7pm – 9pm.

Over the past two years, The IZIP Store has educated consumers about Currie Tech brands of hybrid electric bikes, focusing on sales and marketing strategies that help Independent Bicycle Dealers and E-bike Dealers to promote and sell its premium IZIP product line.

“We are really excited about this move,” stated Larry Pizzi, President of Currie Technologies. “The IZIP Store relocated to one of the most popular streets in Santa Monica and we believe that the more central location will help raise awareness of our newest models of IZIP electric bicycles, which are sleek, stylish and a simply a blast to ride.”

“In an effort to continue to be the leader in the growing electric bike market, we must be on the leading-edge of retail merchandising and selling concepts” said Ethan Grunstein, Retail General Manager of The IZIP Store. “The IZIP Store’s new design shows people that electric cycling is a fun and efficient form of transportation, and great fun for recreational riding for people of all ages. We want consumers and other dealers to visit us, to learn more about what we are doing here in our retail concept lab, and then enjoy a leisurely demo ride to see what our bikes are all about.”

The IZIP Store offers a boutique environment with a complete showroom, a wide variety of cycling accessories, and a full service center.  Rentals, and test rides and self-guided tours are also available.  Customers enjoy the ability to experience all that e-bikes have to offer while addressing all their bicycle related needs.

Since 1997, Currie has been one of the oldest and most established US developers and distributors of E-bikes with a network of dealers nationwide. The company holds various patents on its products including their Electro-Drive Propulsion Systems, unique electric drive systems that provide superior performance and durability at a reasonable price. The copmany was acquired late last year by Accell N.V., one of Europes largest bicycle makers.