Kicking off the 2024 professional pickleball season, Major League Pickleball (MLP by Margaritaville) announced Currex insoles as its exclusive insole partner, designating Currex PickleballPro as the official shoe insole of Major League Pickleball.

MLP is the preeminent team-based professional pickleball league, featuring nearly 100 of the best athletes across 22 teams, a unique coed format, easy-to-understand scoring, iconic team owners and the most electric live events and fan experience in the sport. The league’s 2024 schedule features 11 events across nine states and Washington, D.C., beginning with MLP Atlanta, May 9-12, 2024.

The leading brand of sports insoles, Currex released its pickleball-specific insole earlier this year with a design tailored to meet the sport’s unique demands while providing a highly personalized fit. Driven by a mutual commitment to the performance, comfort and well-being of athletes, the new partnership strives to create more enjoyable movement and inclusive play for all league players. Every MLP player will have the opportunity to wear Currex insoles for elevated comfort and performance while growing their careers within the sport.

“As the Official Insole Partner of Major League Pickleball, we are thrilled to embark on this journey of athletic innovation and excellence,” said Steve Robinson, chief marketing officer at Foundation Wellness. “Major League Pickleball embodies the spirit of competition and camaraderie, values that resonate deeply with us at Currex. Through this partnership, we aim to equip picklers with the best in performance insoles, elevating their game and enhancing their experience on the court”.

Currex PickleballPro insoles feature superior grip, targeted forefoot and heel cushioning, plus flexible arch support that comes in three distinct arch profiles. The insoles support lateral motion for quick on-court movement and more responsive play, creating effortless play that is ideal for professional and recreational athletes alike.

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