CrossFit announced the beta launch of the CrossFit Affiliate Partner Network (APN), an online purchasing hub where CrossFit affiliates can get consolidated access to CrossFit’s partner, including affiliate-only discounts, revenue opportunities and member acquisition programs. The initial partners in the launch include 20 CrossFit community brands that provide products and services.

The launch partners for the APN include Airrosti, Beyond the Whiteboard, Big Ass Fans, Crossover Symmetry, FitAid, GoodEarth Distribution, Hydrant, O2, Optum, ProTrainings, PushPress, Rogue Fitness, SugarWOD, Thorne, UpLaunch, Whoop, WIT, Xero, and Zen Planner.  CrossFit said it plans to expand the APN in the coming weeks to include additional partners in the U.S. and other countries based on affiliate feedback.

The APN provides access to partner offerings to serve affiliates, staff and members in multiple areas, including:

  • Partner discounts on core products and services for gym owners that range from 20 percent to more than 50 percent. The APN also helps affiliate owners save time through efficient and affordable business systems.
  • The tools in the APN allow gym owners to select from products and services they would like to offer to their members, many at a discount.
  • The APN offers retail solutions so gyms can offer members products and services while generating affiliate revenue.
  • The APN offers discounts and perks on products including footwear and apparel for coaches and staff.

“The idea for the Affiliate Partner Network came directly from the affiliate community, and we’re delighted to be able to turn it into reality,” said Gary Gaines, CrossFit’s GM of Affiliates and International. “Earlier this year, we surveyed affiliates on the best ways CrossFit Home Office could support them and help grow their businesses, and the number one request was this type of group buying service. Working with our launch partners and additional future brands, the CrossFit APN will offer deep discounts on standard gym purchases, while offering tools and opportunities to generate additional revenue through sales to members.”