KOM Cycling announced the expansion of its distributor network with Bob Elliot & Co. Ltd. The new partnership and full range of products will be available across the UK starting in October. 

“We are always looking to grow the KOM Cycling familyand we see the U.K. as a hotbed of opportunity. We feel Bob Elliot & Co., Ltd will be a long-term member of that family and will prove fruitful for all of us,” said KOM Founder Austin Loper.

“We know Bob and the Elliot team offer amazing service to their 1000+ dealer network,” added Loper, “which is why they’ve been in business since 1985. Their dealers know they carry the best products for cyclists, and our products fit every kind of rider, from the enthusiast to the professional, whether they ride outdoors or train indoors or a bit of both.”

 “At Bob Elliot & Co., Ltd., we have been looking for an opportunity to further develop our portfolio with a range of comprehensive but easy-to-sell training and tech-focused products,” said a company spokesperson. “And our exclusive partnership with KOM Cycling is a perfect fit for that role.”