Crosman Corporation has announced the appointment of Roy Stefanko, a Crosman veteran, as its new vice president of marketing.

He succeeds retiring Bob Hampton, who has served as Crosman’s marketing chief for seven years ending a successful, lifelong career as a marketing professional. In his new role, Stefanko will be responsible for all aspects of marketing, strategic planning and will interface with all departments. He will report directly to Crosman president and CEO, Ken DArcy.

According DArcy, Stefanko has been groomed for this position, having served as national sales manager and director of new product development. “Roy has some big shoes to fill. Bob Hampton has helped successfully navigate our company through some tough years to its current level of success. In taking his place, Roy’s leadership and experience with our company has prepared him well to step seamlessly into this new role. With his knowledge of both the company and the category, I anticipate he will make the marketing function an even more effective contributor to our company’s growth,” DArcy said.

“For any manager to be successful, he or she must have the ability to work closely with cross-functional teams and sift wheat from chaff when it comes to executing the big ideas that bring products to market. Roy has demonstrated real flair for energizing sales, while recognizing that marketing is but a part of the entire equation. Were at an important juncture in Crosman’s growth curve and Roy Stefanko will be an important member of our decision-making team. I look forward to his continuing as a real contributor,” said DArcy.

Prior to his success in several sales management and product development positions at Crosman, Stefanko distinguished himself as an accomplished marketing manager with a leading sporting goods company.

Adds DArcy, “That experience afforded him a unique view of the interdisciplinary requirements that modern corporations demand. This newest opportunity to fine-tune his skills should provide Crosman with the ideal successor to our retiring marketing vice president.”