CROCS Inc. introduced a new boating shoe called “The Islander” to join its line of footwear at OR. CROCS also unveiled its new rain boot, “The Georgie” and a new winter shoe, “The Aspen.” All three new models feature CROCS' exclusive closed cell resin formula.

The Islander features a lower similar to the popular CaymanTM model combined with a comfortable leather upper. The result is a unique CROCS hybrid that is perfect for the boating world. The Islander is an innovative addition to CROCS' signature line of lightweight, slip resistant, non-marking, anti-microbial footwear. It will come in 9 different colors (sizes 4-13) and will be available at select retailers in Fall 2005.

The Georgie, weighing just a few ounces, is an exceptionally lightweight alternative to the average rain boot. The Georgie combines the amazing properties of CROCS' proprietary resin with an ergonomically enhanced footbed for maximum cushion and comfort. Perfect for city slickers, commuters, and fashionistas
the Georgie will be sold bundled with a stylish tote bag. Available in sizes XXS-L and in 10 different colors, the Georgie will be released to select retailers September 2005.

The Aspen is the next generation of the Highland model, featuring a sleek contoured design. The Aspen is a closed toe shoe without open ports, making the newest CROCS model an excellent choice for those in cooler climates as well as medical staff and professionals who need full foot protection. The Aspen model comes in ten colors and is available in kid's sizes 8/9, 10/11, 12/13, 1-3, and adult sizes 4-13.

“We are very excited about these three new CROCS shoe models,” said Ron Snyder, CEO for CROCS Footwear. “CROCS is leading the footwear industry's evolution towards comfort by offering ergonomically certified shoes that are lightweight, slip resistant, non-marking, anti-microbial and odor resistant, making them an ideal choice for anyone seeking the ultimate in comfort footwear. It is our Proprietary Closed Cell Resin which gives our shoes these unique properties and sets us apart from others in the market. Our customers are passionate about our products and expect us to continue to deliver on our promises with new models and colors that fit their active lifestyles.”