Crocs Inc. announced that it has filed lawsuits against 21 companies alleging infringements of its registered trademarks.

The lawsuits, filed in various U.S. District Courts around the country, seek monetary damages for violations of certain intellectual property related to Crocs’ three-dimensional trademark rights.

The defendants named in the lawsuits include Cape Robbin Inc., Bijora, Inc., d/b/a Akira, Dr. Leonard’s Healthcare Corp. d/b/a/ Carol Wright, Crocsky, Fujian Huayuan Well Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd., Fullbeauty Brands Inc. d/b/a Kingsize, Hawkins Footwear, Sports, Military & Dixie Store, Hobibear Shoes and Clothing Ltd., Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc., Ink Tee, La Modish Boutique, Legend Footwear, Inc., d/b/a Wild Diva, Loeffler Randall Inc., Maxhouse Rise Ltd. (Walmart Supplier), PW Shoes, Inc. a/k/a P&W, Royal Deluxe Accessories, LLC, Shoe-Nami, Inc., Star Bay Group Inc., Walmart, Inc., Yoki Fashion International LLC, Quanzhou ZhengDe Network Corp., d/b/a Amoji, and 718Closeouts.

“These actions underscore our determination to take forceful steps to protect our trademarks and other intellectual property,” said Daniel Hart, executive vice president and chief legal & risk officer at Crocs. “It is essential that we protect Crocs’ iconic DNA, and we will not tolerate the infringement of our rights or those who try to freeride on the investments we have made in our brand.”

Crocs’ latest filings are in furtherance of the June 2021 complaint filed with the United States International Trade Commission (ITC) that seeks to block the importation and subsequent sale of products into the United States that infringe on the same rights. Last week, the ITC formally agreed to institute an investigation into more than 20 companies that are selling products that infringe Crocs’ trademarks.

Photo courtesy Crocs