Coozie Outdoors announced the launch of its premium outdoor gear rental platform, which allows customers to rent premium outdoor gear online from top brands.

The rentals start at 15 percent of the retail price of items. Coozie Outdoors delivers everywhere in the continental U.S., and each rental includes a free return label. It also offers one-on-one customer support to help select gear, offer packing tips as well as advice on finding the perfect destination. Recommendations are based on data such as travel dates, destination, activity type and the number of travelers.

Coozie Outdoors said research indicates that consumers now prefer spending their money on experiences rather than ownership. With more than 100 products from 40 brands featured on the platform, Coozie Outdoors said it provides an opportunity for premium brands to compete in the experience-driven economy and promote a sustainable, cost-effective option for customers to easily try their products.

We make it incredibly simple for our customer to know what gear they need for their trip,” says co-founder Rachelle Snyder. “And by providing our customers one-on-one support and resources, we’re helping them focus on the experience of the outdoors rather than the hassle of gear ownership.”

The model comes from co-founders Snyder and Ross Richmond who started Coozie Outdoors after they grew frustrated with the lack of alternatives to gear ownership and the hyper-specialized gear industry that ultimately limits access to the outdoors by demanding consumers dedicate money, time and storage space to gear that will likely be used sporadically.

“We founded Coozie Outdoors to make it easy to get outside without having to worry about whether you’ll use your gear enough to justify the purchase financially or sustainably,” says co-founder Ross Richmond.

Coozie Outdoors is partnering with Santa Monica-based venture firm and incubator, Science Inc., to support the start-up.

“Coozie Outdoors is paving a new way for people to experience the outdoors,” says Mike Jones, co-founder and CEO of Science Inc. “Its rental model democratizes access to otherwise expensive gear while supporting sustainability. They are positioned to disrupt the massive outdoor gear and services market with an approach that captures a commitment-conscious consumer looking for new experiences.”