Cool Clubs announced the opening of a Cool Clubs Fitting and Performance Center at SunRidge Canyon in Arizona, its newest of 23 golf club fitting centers worldwide.

The club fitting lab, located outside Scottsdale in Fountain Hills, features indoor/outdoor fitting bays, a putter-fitting studio, independent robotic equipment testing, and Cool Clubs’ proprietary technology. The location was part of Cool Clubs’ 2021 acquisition of the club fitting company HotStix and underwent a remodel earlier this year.

“We’re absolutely thrilled to open this new incredible fitting center in one of the greatest golf destinations in the world,” said Cool Clubs Founder and CEO Mark Timms. “This new location brings together all the best parts of Cool Clubs—our master fitters and builders, Cool Clubs’ proprietary technology and shaft databases and incredible attention to detail—all in one place. We’re extremely excited to open this location to anyone looking to Play Better Golf.”