Colt Defense LLC said it has partnered with three of the manufacturer representatives to meet the needs of law enforcement professionals, commercial distributors and dealers. Proactive Sales and Marketing, Jim Ferry and Associates, and Schueler, LaFond and Associates will work with clients in both the public and private sectors effective July 1st 2011.

“Since 1836, Colt has welcomed its industry leadership position in developing long guns that meet or exceed the requirements of the military, law enforcement, hunters and sportsmen alike,” said David Ridley, vice president, Colt Defense LLC. “We continue that tradition by taking the first of many steps in addressing the needs of today’s marketplace.”

The manufacturer representatives will showcase Colt’s rifle product line as well as drive Colt’s newest and most innovative products to the forefront of the market. These new rifle products will include monolithic platforms, piston-operated systems and multi-caliber, interchangeable platforms.

“The product and industry expertise of our manufacturer representatives is unparalleled,” added Ridley. “Combined with Colt’s industry leadership in product innovation, we are now more capable than ever to service the law enforcement community and the discerning commercial consumer.”