Coefficient Cycling on Monday announced the appointment of Beverly Lucas as VP of global business development.

Lucas, a British expat, started her U.S. career as a bike shop mechanic in 1999 and worked her way up to hold senior management positions at Felt and Enve, starting Knight Composites in 2013 and, most recently, Outdoor City USA in 2019 where she will maintain her role as CEO.

Lucas will be tasked with growing the worldwide Coefficient Cycling brand while assisting with marketing and product development of the Wave Handlebar and future products.

“Beverly is an amazing person with an exemplary track record,” said Rick Sutton, co-founder and COO of Coefficient Cycling. “When I was hired to chart Coefficient Cycling’s future, Bev was at the top of the list of people I wanted to join our leadership team. I am beyond excited she is now part of this growing and dynamic company, and I look forward to seeing Wave handlebars on bikes around the world.”

Lucas said, “I’ve focused on product development throughout my career, and I’ve only ever worked with people and projects that have a genuine purpose. There must be a real reason and story behind the development of a truly innovative product, and the Wave bar nailed it for me the first time I took it out on a four-hour gravel ride, and my hands didn’t fall asleep! I was literally stunned by how it changed this love-hate relationship with my bike. I knew I had to be involved with Coefficient. This is a great team with tremendous integrity, and I’m stoked to be a part of it.”

Photo courtesy Coefficient Cycling