Compass Diversified Holdings (CODI) announced that the company has signed a credit agreement for a revolving credit facility totaling $600 million and a term loan facility in the amount of $500 million. CODI also announced that the company has closed the previously-announced private offering of $400 million in aggregate principal amount of 8.000 percent senior unsecured notes due 2026.

The new credit agreement, led by Bank of America Merrill Lynch, SunTrust Robinson Humphrey, TD Securities and U.S. Bank National, combine for $1.1 billion in new debt financing and replace the company’s previous revolving credit facility and term loan facility.

Under the terms of the five-year revolving credit facility, which is subject to borrowing restrictions, amounts borrowed bear interest based on either LIBOR plus a margin ranging from 1.50 percent to 2.50 percent, or prime plus a margin ranging from 0.50 percent to 1.50 percent, as determined by a leverage ratio defined in the credit agreement. Under the terms of the seven-year term loan facility, amounts borrowed bear interest based on either LIBOR plus a margin of 2.25 percent, or 2.50 percent or prime plus a margin of 1.25 percent or 1.50 percent, as determined by such leverage ratio.

The term loan facility requires quarterly payments of $1.25 million, with a final payment of the outstanding principal balance due April 18, 2025. The company utilized the proceeds from the term debt facility and the notes offering to refinance existing term loan indebtedness and repay revolving loan indebtedness under its previous credit agreement. There are initial borrowings outstanding under the new revolving credit facility of approximately $73 million at closing. The company estimates it has approximately $500 million in net borrowing availability under its new revolver as of the closing date.

The company expects to utilize the future borrowings under the revolving credit facility to fund future expansion opportunities at its existing subsidiary companies, fund acquisitions of new platform acquisition opportunities and provide for working capital and general corporate uses.

Elias Sabo, CODI’s CEO-elect, commented, “We are pleased to have completed our recent financings under favorable terms, enabling the company to enhance our financial flexibility, extend our debt maturities and further diversify our capital structure. In addition to closing on attractive eight-year fixed rate notes, we refinanced our existing debt and extended the maturities of our revolver and term loans to 2023 and 2025, respectively. We appreciate the ongoing support of our banking group and the capital markets, highlighting the company’s strong future prospects. We remain well-positioned to continue to benefit from our leading subsidiaries, while pursuing future acquisitions that build long-term shareholder value and support our ability to provide stable cash distributions.”

CODI’s operating subsidiaries includes 5.11 Tactical, Crosman, Advanced Circuits, Sterno Group, Clean Earth, Arnold Magnetics, Liberty Safe, Ergobaby, Foam Fabricators and Manitoba Harvest.