Cocona Inc., formerly Traptek LLC, has received major funding from
Boston-based Fairhaven Capital Partners – a venture capital firm that
invests in early- to growth-stage companies – to help it with ongoing
marketing and development efforts related to Cocona fabrics and its
award-winning, environmentally sustainable activated carbon technology
based on recycled coconut shells.

Cocona technology involves a proprietary process by which activated
coconut carbon particles are embedded in fibers and yarns to provide
evaporative cooling, odor control and ultraviolet protection
properties. The carbon is encapsulated to protect it during the polymer
extrusion process, and the protective layer is removed during finishing
to allow the particles to provide the intended performance benefits.
The technology is featured in apparel and other products from more than
45 brands in North America and Europe.
Cocona is based in Longmont, Colorado.

“We think that Cocona Inc. is the most exciting new fabric and film
technology to come along since Gore-Tex®,” said Jim Goldinger, managing
director, Fairhaven Capital Partners. “Cocona fabrics and yarns have
already been adopted by many impressive brands as a means to
differentiate their products with this patented technology. They
recognize that Cocona Inc. has come up with a green technology that
adds genuine, documented performance characteristics.”