Burton Snowboards has completed the sale of Channel Islands Surfboards to employees of the surf brand. Britt Merrick has been named CEO, and longtime Channel Islands Surfboards General Manager Scott Anderson will assume the role of president.

“Today marks the beginning of something that means so much to me, my family, and all those that have worked so hard at Channel Islands Surfboards for the last 51 years to make it what it is,” explained Merrick. “Our passion is to enjoy making great surfboards and in turn to help people have beautiful experiences in the surf. We realize that a good board can make for moments of true happiness — and that’s a valuable commodity in today’s crazy world. Our ownership of CI will help us keep pursuing these goals wholeheartedly for years to come. And, though we’ll take a minute to celebrate the occasion and soak it all in, we remain hard at work on a new collection of boards and fins for late winter and spring that I think may be our best collection yet.”

The Channel Islands Surfboard brand was founded by Merrick’s parents Al and Terry, in 1969. Although there is stiff competition in the surfboard market, a recent reader survey conducted by Stab selected Channel Islands Surfboards as its favorite surfboard manufacturer of 2020.

With the World Surf League resuming its regular championship surfing competitions again, Merrick will also continue to focus on his role as CI’s lead shaper and designer.

“The opportunity for longtime employees and some of our best-known team riders to become owners in a surfboard brand they’ve already helped create is really special,” explained Scott Anderson. “To have surfers like Dane Reynolds, Lakey Peterson, Yadin Nicol, Parker Coffin, and the Gudauskas brothers [Pat, Dane and Tanner] on board as co-owners adds tremendous value and insights that will help us continue to innovate, inspire and remain on top as a leading surfboard manufacturer.”

Photo courtesy Channel Islands Surfboards