Champs Sports is launching a new app-based e-zine called SWAG (Stylish Ways to Acquire Game), giving teen athletes and fans an inside look at the lives and interests of their favorite athletes and the people who influence sports culture.

The quarterly e-zine showcases the freshest stories from marquee athletes and takes a look at sports-inspired lifestyles through editorial spreads, articles and interactive multimedia content available in HD. Developed specifically to appeal to the high school-aged athlete, SWAG is accessible for free through iTunes (for iPhone and iPad) and Google Play (for Droid) for its inaugural issue. Unlike regular web apps, once downloaded it can also be read in the absence of an Internet connection.

“Real athletes know that having Game is more than just their performance on the court or field – it’s about how they embrace the sport-lifestyle and identify themselves as athletes 24/7,” said Frank Bracken, vice president of marketing, Champs Sports. “SWAG takes a look into the lives and interests of today’s biggest athletes and celebrates the people who inspire sports culture in a unique way that speaks directly to teens.”

The inaugural issue of SWAG features NBA superstar Kevin Durant on the cover. In his profile piece, Durant talks about taking on his brother in basketball as a kid, his taste in hip-hop music, his go-to hometown hangout and shares some advice for up-and-coming athletes. The exclusive content was captured during Durant’s 2012 playoff run with the Oklahoma City Thunder.

The guest editor for the debut issue is Levi Maestro, best known for his popular online video series, “Maestro Knows.” The fall issue features videos and articles with 2010 MLB MVP Josh Hamilton, Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford and the Milwaukee Bucks’ Brandon Jennings. SWAG also follows sport-inspired artist Gabriel Urist as he creates a new jewelry collection celebrating the new Brooklyn Nets logo, and spies on uber sports fan Snoop (aka Snoop Dogg) and what’s in his travel bag when he hits the road.

While SWAG specializes in covering sports-focused culture, it also serves as a resource in helping teen athletes get the Game they crave. With tap-to-purchase technology built into the pages of the e-zine, readers can access pop-up menus to buy the exact gear worn by its featured athletes. And a collage showcasing the latest coordinated sneakers, apparel and accessories can be found in a section called “The Blueprint” for easy purchase.

“We think SWAG will be the kind of portable content that engages teen athletes on their terms – mobile, interactive and ultimately useful,” said Bracken.

With more than 540 stores are located throughout the United States, Puerto Rico and Canada, Champs Sports is one of the largest mall-based specialty athletic footwear and apparel retailers in North America.