Participating Chaco retailers are offering a 20% discount on all like types of footwear traded in: Flips for flips, sandals for sandals, boots for boots. Any manufacturer's product will be accepted. Discount is applicable towards Chaco products only.

To take care of all those shoes being traded in, Chaco is teaming up with
The dZi Foundation which promotes the education, health, culture and welfare
of indigenous mountain communities in Nepal. Once collected, Chaco will
disinfect the old shoes and ship them to The dZi Foundation for distribution
to the monasteries, schools and safe houses the organization supports.

As part of their effort to remain true to the philosophy of keeping it
simple, and giving back when they can, Chaco also donates 3% of all after
tax profits to non-profit environmental groups, including The Conservation
Alliance, the Sierra Club, Leave No Trace and the Southern Utah Wilderness
Alliance. In addition, to support environmental efforts on an internal
basis, Chaco switched from a solvent-based glue to a hot melt system which
emits no toxic fumes, built a new facility that uses geo-thermal heating and
has put into practice the principles of Lean Manufacturing to reduce waste
and increase efficiency, as well as providing incentives such as paying
employees to ride bikes or walk to work.