CEP and ITEM m6, leaders in compression technology, welcomed Maggie Vessey, champion American middle distance runner, to their team of athletes.

Vessey is known not only for winning races and breaking records, but also for her creative fashion sense and custom-made race outfits.

Vessey will train and compete in CEP products and leverage the fashion and functionality of ITEM m6 when she is off the track.

CEP and ITEM m6 are brands of Medi, a German healthcare products manufacturer that specializes in effective compression technology

“Vessey is the perfect fit for both CEP and ITEM m6, as she combines high-level athleticism while celebrating self-expression through fashion, just like these brands,” said Michael Potter, North American Director at CEP. “Vessey turns heads on the track and in the fashion world, and we couldn’t be more excited for her to capture the attention of both these audiences while wearing CEP and ITEM m6 socks and apparel.”

Vessey specializes in the Olympic Distance of 800 meters and holds the 10th fastest all-time 800M by an American woman.