This Saturday is the first day of Oktoberfest in Germany, and the more fashion-conscious revelers will be hoisting their “Maß” while wearing beer-and-puke-resistant kicks by Adidas.

The company introduced a limited-edition version of Oktoberfest sneakers to help you navigate the world’s largest “Volkfest” in comfort and style. The Adidas München Oktoberfest joins the popular München sneaker line and features premium leather materials and a special DPBR – Durable Puke and Beer Repellent – coating.

The sneakers’ embroidery matches traditional lederhosen, while the inner checkered lining evokes a traditional beerhall tablecloth. Emblazoned in gold on the side is the word “Prost” – German for “cheers.” Still not sold? The footwear also comes with a matching one-liter custom beer mug.

The Adidas München Oktoberfest is a continuation of the company’s penchant for limited-edition event-themed sneakers. This year saw the launch of the Crazy Explosive, inspired by Las Vegas. The Crazy 1, introduced in 2003 and reappearing in 2013, was a tip of the hat to the Audi TT, while yet another design came out of a collaboration with Porsche.

Photo courtesy Adidas