Since its opening in November 2016, Canada Goose’s store in the Soho district of New York City has been plagued by anti-fur protestors and recently those protests have spread to Paragon Sports.

The brand’s status-symbol parkas, which sell for up to $1,500, have attracted unwanted attention from animal rights activists due to some style’s use of coyote-fur ruffs, as well as the company’s use of goose and duck down insulation. Loud protests have been ongoing since the store’s November 17 opening, enraging residents on the same block as the Wooster St. store. Signs posted in the area showing a dead coyote state, “Proudly Torturing Animals Since 1957” with the hashtag #AskAyoneWhoKnows.

According to a release from PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), two individuals “wearing nothing but bodypaint and faux-fur ears and tails” with “bloody” leg-hold traps stood outside Paragon Sports on February 16, the second day of New York Fashion Week.

On February 27, fur activists reportedly marched inside Paragon Sports shouting slogans such as “Fur trade is not fashion. Where the hell is your compassion.” The protesters were removed from the store, but continued to pace the sidewalk outside for two hours.

Reports have also emerged of ongoing protests at its Toronto store, as well as retail partner locations selling the coveted coats in places like Tokyo and Stockholm. The company only has two stores in Toronto and Manhattan. Beyond PETA, the activists represent animal-rights groups such as Toronto Pig Save, Caring Activists Against Fur (CAAF), LION, Woodstock Farm Sanctuary and TheirTurn.

Canada Goose warned in its IPO filing last week that its reputation and sales could be hurt by protestors or animal welfare activists has defended .

In an official response to the uproar sent to The Villager in mid-February, Canada Goose stated: “No matter where they’re worn, our products are designed and built to protect against the elements in the harshest environments on Earth. We understand that some people think animal products should never be used in any consumer products, including food, and we respect that. However, we do not share the same view.”

“PETA and other activist groups misrepresent the facts and use sensational tactics to try to illicit a reaction — they have been using the same rhetoric for years. Such groups attempt to mislead consumers through a series of attacks that ignore strict government regulation and standards, as well as our commitment to ethical sourcing practices and responsible use of fur and down.

“We remain deeply committed to the responsible use and ethical sourcing of all animal materials in our products, as evidenced by our Transparency Standards. We do not condone any willful mistreatment, neglect or acts that maliciously cause undue pain, injury or suffering toward animals, and we are committed to providing full transparency about how we make our products.”

Photo courtesy Canada Goose