CamelBak Products LLC has won the Green Contractor Award, a 2009 Excellence in Partnership (EIP) Award, from The Coalition for Government Procurement.

CamelBak was chosen for its commitment to eliminate bottled water as waste through the promotion of its reusable BPA-free water bottles, and working toward a more sustainable manufacturing model that’s better for the environment. This includes the L.E.E.D.-compliant CamelBak corporate headquarters, and for being a participating member of the Outdoor Industry Association Ecological Working Group.

“Energy conservation is important to us, and to our country,” said Sally McCoy, Chief Executive Officer at CamelBak. “It’s more than just a good business decision.”

The EIP awards were developed ten years ago to honor those who have made significant strides in promoting and utilizing Federal Acquisition Service (FAS) and its programs. The Green Contractor Award is given to the contractor who has made the best overall commitment to the environment by either offering environmentally friendly products and services, or adhering to environmentally sound manufacturing and/or operating procedures.