$229.8 Million
In Q2 sales for Brunswick Corp.’s fitness division, up 32 percent from a year ago thanks to acquisitions including Cybex, and up 12 percent on an organic basis minus the acquisitions.

€299.1 Million
Recorded by Puma in Q2 apparel sales, which climbed 19.5 percent, mainly due to success in its teamsport division — fueled by UEFA Euro and high growth in other product categories.

¥166.4 Billion
In Shimano’s total sales, down 15.3 percent from the year before, for the six months ended June 30. The Japanese company is not optimistic about the future of bike spending, stating they expect sales to fall twice as fast as this due to a global oversupply of bicycles.

1,100 Locations
Owned and Operated by Kohl’s where Under Armour will expand its presence. The sportswear company will initially launch at 600 stores, getting rack space alongside its top competitor Nike.

40,000 Golf Courses
Included in Garmin’s Approach X40 golf-specific smart watch with distances to the green. This and other new wearable products helped push the company’s fitness Q2 revenues up 34 percent.

1.8 Percent
Increase in Hoka brand sales at Deckers Outdoor Corp., following double-digit growth the last several quarters. The slower growth rate was expected as its newest iteration of the Clifton, the brand’s top-selling shoe, was launched in July instead of June like last year.

23 Percent
Increase in Prana’s Q2 brand sales thanks to a major expansion into swimwear. Parent company Columbia Sportswear saw total sales rise 2 percent for the quarter.

36 Percent
Drop in GoPro inventory from the first quarter to $90 million, marking the action camera brand’s lowest level in two years. This, combined with a 20-percent rise in sales from the first to second quarter, led GoPro Founder and CEO, Nicholas Woodman, to predict a return to profitability by Q4.

90 Percent
Decline in Ray-Ban sales by a particular online client beginning with an ‘A,\’ with others e-tailers decreasing sales of 50 to 70 percent, according to Luxottica’s EVP of Wholesale, Paolo Alberti, after the company introduced MAP policies across its proprietary brands.

4th Time
Adidas has raised its full-year 2016 guidance. The three stripes will publish its second-quarter figures August 4, but predicts double-digit growth in all key regions and all major categories.

13th Store
Opened by Italian luxury active lifestyle brand Moncler S.P.A. in San Francisco, which, along with shop-in-shops in finer U.S. department stores in New York, aided in a strong 23-percent gain in U.S. revenue growth for the first half of the year.