BSN Sports, a division of Varsity Brands, announced the acquisition of certain team sports businesses from Longstreth Sporting Goods, based in Spring City, PA. Specifically, BSN Sports has acquired Longstreth’s lacrosse and softball team sports businesses, as well as exclusive rights to supply uniform or team apparel and footwear to Longstreth’s field hockey team customers.

Terry Babilla, BSN Sports’ president, said, “Longstreth’s decades-long commitment to women’s sports includes steadfast and loyal support for field hockey, lacrosse and fastpitch softball. We are similarly committed to providing female athletes with equal resources and opportunities for success and look forward to building upon the strong foundation Longstreth has built while introducing BSN Sports’ expansive inventory selection and industry-leading technology.”

Longstreth, which has exclusively serviced customers in women’s sports, specifically in field hockey, fastpitch softball and lacrosse for more than 40 years, will retain its dominant field hockey equipment business, focusing on selling its full line of equipment to field hockey teams/clubs, dealers, universities, high schools, and other institutions. Longstreth will also continue to provide field hockey equipment, apparel and footwear to retail customers via their web site, annual catalog, events and retail store in Spring City, PA.

John Schaefer of Longstreth said, “Partnering with BSN Sports will create an extraordinary opportunity for us to continue to be a one-stop-shop for anything needed to play field hockey in the United States. We will focus on what we do best — being the #1 supplier of field hockey products in the U.S., utilizing the best global hockey equipment brands on an exclusive basis combined with world-class customer service from our team of hockey experts. We are excited to bring BSN Sport’s expertise in team apparel exclusively to our customers and, as well, Longstreth will enjoy a great opportunity to exclusively supply the best field hockey equipment to BSN Sports team customers.”

David Dahle from Longstreth added, “Joining BSN Sports will provide our lacrosse, softball and team apparel professionals the resources and support to grow their businesses and continue their excellent customer service in the future. We wish the entire team all the best.”

Babilla concluded, “With the addition of these Longstreth businesses, BSN Sports is sending a clear signal to the female athlete: we are 100 percent committed to your success and empowerment and will continue to do all we can to ensure a level playing field. To that end, we will continue to seek out partners that share our mission and have a passion for building lifelong customer relationships.”

BSN Sports is the nation’s largest direct marketer and distributor of sporting goods to the school and league markets.

Photo courtesy BSN Sports and Longstreth Sporting Goods