Brunswick Corporation is shifting certain boat production within its North American manufacturing footprint. The production transfers will result in job gains at its Little Falls, Minn., boat production facility, while its Aberdeen, Miss., plant will close in early 2008.

Closing of the Aberdeen facility will result in the loss of approximately 170 positions there, which will be phased out over the next several months. Conversely, new jobs will be added in Little Falls, Minn., which will assume production of Triton aluminum fishing boats now being made at Aberdeen.

“This action is not a reflection on the Aberdeen work force or the Triton brand,” explained Dustan E. McCoy, Brunswick chairman and chief executive officer. “Brunswick remains fully dedicated to the long-term success of Triton's aluminum boats. We are committed to ensuring that in the future we provide Triton dealers and boaters with the highest quality boats and level of service that are Triton hallmarks.”

“While the closing of our Aberdeen facility is regrettable, this action is being taken only after careful consideration and is necessary as the resulting production shift will help Brunswick accomplish several important objectives,” McCoy said. “One is to ultimately reduce the size of our manufacturing footprint, seeking to drive more volume through fewer plants that focus on high-volume product categories. This enables us to improve productivity and reduce costs and better utilize capacity as well as allows us to more quickly and efficiently respond to changing market conditions. We also seek to better match the particular strengths and expertise of a manufacturing facility with particular products. The results of which will ensure that consumers can always rely on getting a high quality Brunswick product, and we will have more efficient and effective manufacturing.”

The company stated that costs associated with closing the Aberdeen facility and transferring production to Little Falls are estimated at $5 million, the majority of which will be recognized in the fourth quarter of 2007.